February 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm at the Duvall Fire Station by Pres. Ken Kosters (W7ECK).

Members Present: Larry Backstrom, Kathy Brasch, Rowland Brasch, Rick Burns, Paul Butzi, Ken Dempsey, Dick Freiheit, Lindy Friedlander, Seth Gerou, Mike Jacob, Jeremiah Judd, Ken Kosters, Gene Laughlin, Irvina Mizell, Tom Needham, Dan Pflugrath, Chuck Powrie, Gerard Repko, Shawn Somers, Perry Steen, Fred Telewski, Susan Telewski, Chuck Woolfolk.

Guests Present: Glendon Pflugrath

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report – Lindy (KG7IFA)

  • Minutes from the January meeting were reviewed electronically prior to the meeting and approved at the meeting.
  • Current Balance $3,990.80 as of January 31, 2016. The report has not yet been approved at a CDCCC Board Meeting.
  • 2016 Club dues: 31 members have paid their dues donation* to date (including those added before & after the meeting). Checks for all those remaining who wish to be members should be made out to CDCCC and brought to the next meeting or mailed with membership application to: CDCCC, PO Box 644, Carnation WA 98014. PLEASE USE THE NEW MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION ON THE YAHOO SITE OR ASK LINDY TO EMAIL A COPY.

Committee Reports

  • Repeater Task Force / Technical Committee – Dan (KA7GPP)
  • Both repeaters are working well. Cougar Mountain generally has someone monitoring it at all times. The interference from Shelton seems to be gone now, although there remains some digital interference. But our tone encoder protects us so that we get a good signal.
    Tried to get ECHO and IRLP set up, but it wouldn’t link to the Internet (possibly due to the wrong static address). We’ll keep at it. When ready Dan will put something out to tell everyone how to use it. And there will be an Elmer session a little down the road which will provide more detail.
    Emergency Planning & Mobilization – Rowland (K7RWB)
  • Grant status: No word yet from the Tribe. If we don’t hear within the next couple months we will pursue alternative funding sources, such as PSE.
  • Message Drill for the March Elmer session. We will use the 213 (ICS) messaging form since that is what we are asked to use. But eventually we will use the ARRL form as well (which is a little more complicated).
  • Education & Community Outreach – Bengt (K7ADD) — NOT PRESENT
  • Tech License Class — Bengt provided the following update via email since he is out of the country and couldn’t attend the meeting: “Instead of dancing around my work schedule, I’m just picking two Saturdays for a Technician class (4/2 and 4/9).  If you’d like to help instruct, please let me know!  I’ve got email out requesting the visitor center and have requested materials for the VE session”.
  • VE Session — No additional update.
  • Website — Via email Bengt requested “lots of pictures” for the website. Rick (KB7CIN) is helping Bengt.

Old Business

  • KE7GFZ Weekly Net on 441.825 MHz, positive offset and tone of 103.5 MHz
  • Carnation Space —
  • Mike (KG7MXB) Shelving/counters have been installed. He still wants to put in a power strip and a hole in the counter for electrical cords. NOTE: We need 2 adjustable office chairs with rollers for the counter height.
  • Rowland (K7RWB) suggested we set up a date (for a Saturday) to have everyone invited to come up and take a tour of the space. We also need a week day afternoon to set up the antennas since the City folks need to be there while we are on the roof (and to make sure antennas can’t be seen from the main road and that they are not over “10 feet” tall. But they are willing to work with us.
  • Gerard (KG7REV) has some commercial track lighting if we want to use it in the space.
  • Club funds spending Discussion — Dan (KA7GPP)
  • Shawn (K7ATA) No progress made since the last meeting re the proposal (with budget) for Pelican Case to set up full portable HF station in a box for Carnation space and eventually a second one in Duvall (since Carnation could flood).
  • Dan said we should buy headsets for the radios at the fire stations.  (After the meeting he suggested we also get a headset for the Yaesu FT-857 for use on field day and other functions.). NOTE: The FD Motorola radios have been reprogrammed for Bell site, but still need reprogramming for Cougar Mountain.
  • Insurance for our equipments: We will have ARRL replacement insurance for all the equipment for our 3 repeaters (Cougar, Bell, Cross-band), as well as the Yaesu FT-857. We need to set up the Kenwood TKR-820. And then we will add that. All equipment added during the period will be covered as well. Lindy will be taking over the online handling of the insurance since she can pay directly.

New Business

  • CDCCC Board Meeting Report – Dan (KA7GPP) The quarterly CERT meeting last week went well (FRS). Upcoming events include 1st Aid/CPR class on 2/20 (3 seats available), the next CERT class starts 2/29, and the CERT Communications in the Field event on 3/12 (see below). NOTE: We will need to request mission #s for the Tech License Class & Field Day.
  • Gene (KE7ISI) Carnation-Duvall Citizen Corps needs communications support for our 6 Field Treatment Centers. When we get hit hard or shaken severely, with only a crew of 3 firefighters/EMTs in Duvall and 3 in Carnation, we likely will be on our own for some time. SnoVARC will needed to provide communications support 24/7 for likely two days. Please volunteer!
  • Discussion about SnoVARC Equipment Assets — Lindy (KG7IFA)
  • It is imperative that details about all donated equipment is given to her as soon as a new item is donated, including the donor’s name, date of donation, estimated value & source of estimate (ex. EBay) and whether it is operational.
  • For all equipment valued at over $100, she needs to know as soon as it is put into service so depreciation can begin.
  • If purchased or donated equipment is not put into service until repairs are made, she needs to know cost of repairs and date it is put into service.
  • Kathy (K7KJB) We need fire extinguishers for our upcoming CERT class. We will take donations even if expired. NOTE: Periodically, turn your Fire extinguishers upside down and bang on them to ensure the chemicals don’t settle.

Meeting adjourned at 7:38 pm.

ELMER SESSION: HF antennas for both base and mobile use (HF, UHF/VHF, Beams, dipoles, satellite, loops, etc.): Lots of great equipment were brought in for show and tell. Rowland (K7RWB) presented a Power Point on the large items.

Respectfully submitted,
Lindy Friedlander
Upcoming Events

  • 02/20/16: First Aid/CPR Class – Saturday, 8AM-4PM, Tolt Congregational Church
  • 02/29/16: Spring CERT class starts – Monday, 6:30PM, Carnation fire station
  • 03/05/16: Mike & Key ARC Hamfest in Puyallup, WA
  • 03/03/16: SnoVARC Meeting, 7:00 p.m., Duvall FS [followed by ELMER: Message Drill]
  • 03/12/16: CERT Communications in the Field, 9:30AM-11:30AM, Carnation (Tom Needham); 11:45-12:30 Pizza and Review
  • 04/02/16: Technician License Class (1st day), 9AM-2PM; Tentatively planned for the Duvall Visitor Center
  • 04/09/16: Technician License Class (Final day), 9AM-12 Noon; Exam 1-2; Tentatively planned for the Duvall Visitor Center