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Announcements about the net and topics/notes from previous nets are posted here regularly.

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New Ham Net 6/27/19

Topics Discussed Evenings In The Park Cancelled tonight due to weather Next gathering will be on 7/11 Possible fox hunt activities during next gathering. If you have a Handi-Finder bring it to test and maybe show someone else how to…
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New Ham Net 5/30/19

Topics Discussed Net control for the net If you’d like an opportunity to be net control operator for the net, please contact me via email ( or in person at the meetings or evenings in the park gatherings Evenings in…
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New Ham Net 5/23/19

Topics Discussed Recent and Upcoming Events Dayton Hamvention – May 17-19 DMR Gathering at Valley Camp – May 18-19 SEA-PAC – May 31 – June 2 Evenings in the park gathering Announced the start of the gatherings Polled the net…
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New Ham Net 5/16/19

Topics Discussed Power Supply Noise Issues One net participant had noise interference while listening on HF frequencies only when the power supply was on. The issue seemed to be specific to this power supply as it was possibly emitting lots…
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New Ham Net 4/25/19

Topics discussed on the net Snovarc ham classes on Saturday 4/27 Looking for stations to help students make first contacts during class (around noon) Snovarc May Meeting to focus on new hams Help with new radio programming Other ways the…
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