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The club encourages membership in the ARRL for several reasons.

1. The ARRL, as a national organization representing Amateur Radio, is positioned to help protect the allocations and privileges enjoyed by Radio Amateurs. This is the organization that fights for the radio spectrum for Amateur Radio! Please support them by joining their organization. Click Here to go to the ARRL site.

2. The ARRL provides training materials that encourage and train Amateur Radio operators on the ‘ART’ of Amateur Radio. This includes a diverse coverage of topics from the experimental and ‘cutting-edge’ to the historic and ‘time-proven’ technologies. Additionally this provides a vast repository of knowledge available to Amateur Radio operators, and members in particular, with regards to important topics such as interference mitigation, RF safety, and licensing services.

3. The club, by having members who are also members of the ARRL, can be an affiliated club, and be included in the publications, announcements, and activities sponsored by the ARRL.

This is a more challenging question since no single person has all the answers in Amateur Radio. Various amateur radio operators generally focus on areas or disciplines that are of particular interest to the individual, therefore there is no single answer. However, it can be a daunting question to someone that is new to the Amateur service as to where to obtain additional information. Hopefully ANY Amateur Operator would be glad to assist.

Meeting program suggestions can be forwarded to anyone on the board, or recommended at any club meeting.

The business meeting is held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm over Zoom.

Elmer meetings are held in person at Duvall Fire Station 66 and over Zoom (if appropriate) on the first Thursday of the month at 6:30pm.

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We have a check-in net that starts at 7pm on Thursdays (except for the first Thursday of the month). We also have a “Thursday Nights at the Round Table” net that starts immediately following the check-in net on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month.

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We presently use the “825” club repeater located on Cougar Mountain.

Fire District 45 has installed a VHF/UHF radio, antennas and power supply in what serves as the EOC in the downtown station. Members who have been through the background clearance and have been issued ID cards can operate the station when necessary.

The Chairperson for EmComm is Rowland K7RWB