Elmer Presentations

June 2024 Elmer Meeting

The June Elmer will focus on the preparation for Field Day, an annual amateur radio exercise occurring the fourth full weekend of June.  The goal of Field Day is to encourage emergency communications preparedness...

Antennas – Practical Considerations

Shawn Somers (K7ATA) gives a presentation on Antennas (Practical Considerations) at the 04/04/24 SnoVARC Elmer Meeting

Solar Power Roundtable Discussion

Solar and alternate power roundtable discussion and show and tell

Campsites On The Air Presentation

David Okrent (W7DAO) gives a presentation on Campsites On The Air at the 01/04/24 SnoVARC Elmer Meeting

PowerPole Presentation

Lynn Burlingame (N7CFO) gives a presentation on PowerPoles at the 11/2/23 Elmer meeting.

APRS Presentation

Bill Thomassen (N6NBN) gives a presentation on APRS at the 10/5/23 Elmer meeting.

Soldering Workshop

Shawn K7ATA teaches soldering using a practice kit.

NVIS Antenna Presentation

Paul (W7PFB) gives a presentation on NVIS antennas at the 5/4/23 club meeting.

EYEWARN Discussion

Rowland (K7RWB) Discusses EYEWARN at the 3/2/23 club meeting.

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