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New Ham Net 6/27/19

Topics Discussed Evenings In The Park Cancelled tonight due to weather Next gathering will be on 7/11 Possible fox hunt activities during next gathering. If you have a Handi-Finder bring it to test and maybe show someone else how to…
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New Ham Net 5/30/19

Topics Discussed Net control for the net If you’d like an opportunity to be net control operator for the net, please contact me via email ( or in person at the meetings or evenings in the park gatherings Evenings in…
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New Ham Net 5/23/19

Topics Discussed Recent and Upcoming Events Dayton Hamvention – May 17-19 DMR Gathering at Valley Camp – May 18-19 SEA-PAC – May 31 – June 2 Evenings in the park gathering Announced the start of the gatherings Polled the net…
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