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New Ham Net 5/16/19

Topics Discussed Power Supply Noise Issues One net participant had noise interference while listening on HF frequencies only when the power supply was on. The issue seemed to be specific to this power supply as it was possibly emitting lots…
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May 2019 Meeting Minutes

Snoqualmie Valley Radio Club Meeting Minutes for May 2, 2019 Business Meeting called to order 6:15 p.m. Duvall Fire Station 45 by Tom, WA7TBP. 25 members and guests present for business and meeting: Robin Amundson, Jenn Ash, Paul Butzi, Paula…
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New Ham Net 4/25/19

Topics discussed on the net Snovarc ham classes on Saturday 4/27 Looking for stations to help students make first contacts during class (around noon) Snovarc May Meeting to focus on new hams Help with new radio programming Other ways the…
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